“What if I have two left feet?”

Ballroom dance is perfect for those people who struggle with moving their feet on the dance floor. We teach you exactly which moves to make and which steps to take. This is a very structured way to learn.

“Can I take dance lessons myself?”

Yes. In a group setting there are other singles as well as couples that rotate while practicing the dance moves or patterns.

“Do I need to pre-register?”

For the classes being sponsored by the Stardust Ballroom Dance organization, which are held at the Saga Club, you do not need to register in advance. You sign up and pay at the door as you go.
For other classes and workshops a “Pre-Registration” will be made known and available well in advance if needed.

“What kind of shoes do I need to wear?”

Be sure that your shoes have smooth soles that can glide across the floor. Please avoid sneakers or rubber soled shoes. Additionally, ladies are best served by low-heeled shoes, and not high heels or stilettos. This helps to maintain your balance while you are learning.