Group Lessons Available

Group Dance Classes

Beginner Hustle – Tuesdays in January thru March (Dates TBA), 2022 7:00p-7:50p All Couples – $144/Couple

Swing Continued from Fall – Tuesdays in January thru March (Dates TBA), 2022 8:00p-8:50p

***For Swing Class Only – Stardust Members: $108/Couple

***For Swing Class Only – Non-Stardust Members: $144/Couple

Nine sessions are $144/couple. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. This small dance group would be in a protected environment.Physical distancing and masking will be observed in the lessons.There will be no rotating among the couples throughout the classes.Lessons are located at South Harborcreek United Methodist ChurchChurch Address is 7929 McGill Rd. Harborcreek, Pa 16421Hosted by the Stardust Ballroom Dance organization.

New to dance? Enjoy socializing with others? In a group setting you will learn a variety of dance steps and have an opportunity to practice them each week. Held once a week, you can expect to learn a new dance move at each class as well as review the move from the previous week.

Debbie teaches the women their part while Nick teaches the men theirs. Once you each know your own part of the dance move, you will then partner up to practice the move together. If you are attending alone, you will have the opportunity to practice with other people as there are other singles as well as couples who rotate practice partners.

Private Lessons Available

*$60 for a 50-minute private lesson (both Nick & Debbie together)

If you are interested in customized dance lessons at your convenience, then private ballroom lessons are for you! From new to experienced dancers, we will make you shine on the dance floor.

Because private ballroom dancing lessons are solely focused on you, and your dance partner if you have one, we have more time to devote individual attention to you and the areas in which you need to improve. In private lessons, you will enjoy faster progress and more polished execution of your dance moves.

Private lessons are available weekday evenings and weekends.

Ballroom Lessons – Private & Group Classes

Do you want to wow your wedding guests with a romantic dance to match your special romantic day? Debbie & Nick can easily choreograph a specific dance to match your wedding or any special occasion. Whether you are the bride & groom, the parents or soon-to-be in-laws, or just going to your high school prom, ErieBallroomDance can top it off with a memorable routine.

Wedding packages available for purchases of 4 classes or more. Please check out our “Wedding” tab at the top of our home page for more details.

Gift Certificates Available

Simply contact either Debbie DeAngelo or Nick Iacobucci for purchasing a gift certificate. Certificates are available and can be mailed out within a day of received payment.

Gift certificates expire 1 year from date of issue.

Gift certificates can be used for private lessons as well as for group lessons offered by Erie Ballroom Dance. However, our gift certificates can not be used for group classes that we are teaching on behalf of another organization (ie. Stardust Ballroom).

Latin or Rhythm Dances Offered

Rumba – The romantic dance of love

Cha Cha – The fun and fast of the rhythm dances

East Coast Swing – The Big Band era comes to life in Swing dancing

Smooth Ballroom Dances Offered

Foxtrot – Crooners of the 1950’s fuel this classic ballroom dancing

Waltz – Class and elegance never go out of style

Tango – I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you

Private Lesson Reviews

Rachael Raynor

“I’ve been taking ballroom dance lessons in a group setting for 5 years. I had never really considered taking private lessons until my fiancé suggested we try it out. I thought it sounded like fun, but I had no idea of just how fun it was going to be! Debbie and Nick are both kind, patient, and attentive teachers who made learning dance on a deeper level exciting and empowering! Their instruction has definitely boosted my confidence on and off the dance floor.”

Evangeline Papadopoulos

“Debbie and Nick are both amazing dance instructors. Fundamentals and methodology are always the main focus and reviewed regularly. This makes learning moves and technique so much easier. They both take the time to explain everything they do so very thoroughly. It’s very obvious they both have a genuine love of dance and teaching.”

More Private Lesson Reviews

Both you (Debbie) and Nick have been a gift to me and Keith. We greatly enjoy our lessons and are starting to feel like we are actually dancing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” Linda & Keith McGarvey

We so enjoy our lessons. Debbie and Nick are detailed oriented, knowledgeable, talented, and analytical. Their sense of humor mixed with serious instruction is a winning combo. Thanks to their choreography skills, we have a great tango routine for the showcase we are participating in.” Sallie & Lou Kotzman